We always need help!

Below is a list of volunteer ‘jobs’ we very much need help with. If you decided you would like to volunteer (and we hope you do!) please submit a Volunteer Application and we will contact you. Thanks!

MVP Numbers Programs

Starting this year we can earn a substantial amount of money quarterly through Food Lion’s MVP program. We need someone to be in charge of gathering numbers in whatever creative ways you can. This is a minor job and would probably only require a few hours monthly.

Sponsor A Dog Program

This is something we’ve never had the time to do right. Because NMAR sticks with a dog until it gets adopted we have many that stay with us for a long time. We want to encourage monthly sponsorship of these dogs so we can have funds to properly care for them. This includes marketing the program, keeping track of sponsors, sending them updated photos and write ups on occasion. Probably 6-8 hrs monthly.

Volunteer Coordinator

We need someone who will encourage volunteers, speak with them about our needs and help them get started on jobs. This is very important and we don’t currently have anyone doing this. At this point we only have a handful of volunteers so it will be more about getting new people involved.

Adoption Event Coordinator

This involves setting up adoption events, mostly small ones at Petco or Petsmart. Arranging volunteers and dogs to be there, being in charge of making sure we have everything we need at the event. Also planning a few larger adoption events per year.

Fundraising and Event Planning

We desperately need someone with a event planning and marketing background to help us plan fundraising events (on a shoestring budge of course). We need to have two large, and several smaller fundraisers a year to keep going. We have people who will help, but no one to really help us plan and coordinate.

Shelter Enrichment

We have plenty of things to be done around the shelter! Such as taking our wonderful shelter dogs for walks, cleaning the kennels, giving baths, and help work with our dogs on their manners.

Bully Breed Website Page

We need people to write and submit information for our Bully Breed page that is in creation. We want factual information regarding the breed, current event information (such as any upcoming breed restrictive legislation), happy photos of adopted dogs, etc… As you know NMAR loves the bullies and would like to do more to promote education and adoption of these dogs.

Marketing the Dogs for Adoption

This will include posting ads on pet adoption sites, putting up flyers, and any other creative way you can think of to spread the word about our wonderful dogs in need of homes. Many of them have been with us for a long time and can use all the exposure they can get.

Donation Jar Management

In the past we have had donation jars in places such as coffee shops, bike shops, antique malls, boarding kennels, etc… When maintained sometimes each of these jars would bring in enough each month to spay or neuter an animal. That’s a really big deal. Anyone can help with this. If you have a favorite retail store, coffee shop, etc… perhaps you could approach them about letting us place a donation jar there. We will get you the jar.

Transport Help

Most of our events and adoptions still happen in the Charlotte area so any help with transportation would be wonderful.